Yes, Ma’am was conceived by Elle Minter and Suzy González in San Marcos, TX in October 2011. Through self-publishing, we provide a free speech platform for feminist dialogues and artwork. We’re into DIY publishing, community organizing, and lifting up voices. Our compilation zines include a range of creative output including poetry, comics, rants, and recipes. We accept submissions from just about anyone, as long as it’s positive and affirmative for womxn and non-binary folx.

Our Mission

Yes, Ma’am is an intersectional feminist press out of Texas that prints small-editioned independent zines, including Yes, Ma’am zine and the Microzine of Microaggressions. We amplify underrepresented voices worldwide by publishing zines and engaging with our communities. We employ fourth-wave feminism- a sociopolitical movement that highlights the links between oppressions of all forms- to dismantle supremacy.